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How to solve a rental dispute in Dubai

The relationship between landlord and tenant can sometimes sour if one of the parties fails to honour the terms of the contract during the tenancy period. Rental disputes typically arise when you have exhausted all means of communication and cannot reach a settlement with your landlord. The most common reasons for dispute are: Unreasonable grounds…

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How to prepare for your move in day

Once you have finalised and signed your tenancy contract, informed your landlord or real estate agent of your move-in date, and all formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get excited about your new home! Ensure you’ve got everything organised for a seamless move-in experience to eliminate any oversights or stress.  Checklist before…

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Know your rights before signing a tenancy contract

Before you sign your tenancy contract, ensure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the regulations in Dubai. Equally, make sure it’s clear what obligations are those of your landlord. Failing to pick up on ambiguities or errors within your tenancy contract can potentially cause you headaches in the…

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What documents are needed to rent a property in Dubai

Dubai real estate is in hot demand. Once you’ve decided on a property, it’s essential to have your documents in order to finalise your application and offer. Here’s a list of all you need as per Dubai Tenancy Laws.  Basic Document Checklist: Passport copy Residence Visa copy Emirates ID copy Security deposit cheque; typically 5%…

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